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acrylics, oils, etc...

Gallery: Painting Gallery

Drawings & Sketches

pencil, pen, marker, charcoal, pastels

Gallery: Drawing Gallery

Digital Design

portraits, character concepts, graphics, logos, posters, etc...

Gallery: Digital Gallery


small - large, interior + exterior surfaces

The Network Coffee Shop Mural

January - March 2024

Valdosta, GA

Crafting an 11 x 3 foot indoor mural in this cozy coffee shop, I infuse Valdosta, GA's essence through a bohemian color palette and whimsical shapes. Utilizing local sports teams' logos and other recreational activities, I weave a tapestry of community pride and culture onto the canvas. With each brushstroke, I aim to transport patrons into our town's vibrant spirit, fostering a sense of connection and inspiration amidst the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Christ the King Episcopal Church

Civil Rights Mural

June - August 2023

Valdosta, GA

Creating this civil rights mural was a deliberate act of storytelling and advocacy, driven by the intention to amplify the voices of those who fought for justice and equality. My personal decision-making process revolved around guided research, engaging with the community, and embracing a collaborative approach with professional muralist, Taylor Shaw (Lazer Chef). As a team, we aimed to capture the essence of these struggles and triumphs by intertwining historical narratives of notable figures with the contemporary relevance of those who were active in that community. Our goal is to foster a connection between past struggles and present aspirations.

Westside Elementary School Mural

February - April 2023

Valdosta , GA

Together with my mural painting class at Valdosta State University, we embarked on a transformative journey to inspire students at Westside Elementary School. Overcoming challenges and fostering collaboration, 14 college artists merged creativity with the youthful imagination of Westside students. Our vibrant mural stands as a symbol of unity and inspiration, igniting curiosity and enriching the educational experience for all who encounter it.

Gallery: Mural Gallery
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